Samstag, 12. Oktober 2013

Peeks of the week / Images de la semaine

 I decided that, maybe, I will start writing something on the pics I share with you. As you may see, autumn has arrived and we still have six months to go before spring... I am about to cry! I am already cold and it's bare less than 10°C. :-(

The only cheerful things in autumn are the colors. They are rich and powerful and give something wonderful to enjoy. Unfortunately, the temperatures are sinking as fast as a stone thrown in my bathtub…

You certainly noticed that I love Nature. These pictures are the reflection of my rambling in my village. I do two sorts of rambling: the one you could also name “walking” or “hiking” and the other one, is what I am now doing (of speech or writing: lacking a coherent plan; diffuse and disconnected ;-)).

Last but not least (for today): 
Hope you enjoy my autumn. What about yours?

Yours in harmony,
P.S.: Please “excuse my English”… I am French speaking!

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