Samstag, 19. Oktober 2013

41th international sketchcrawl in Switzerland

 Today was the 41th Sketchcrawl. In little Switzerland, we met in Fribourg a beautiful town. It is the town where to learn to draw perspectives!
I started the day in Langenthal with a little person drawing, the thing I most hate. But how to progress when you do not do a little of everything?
That would be the one here :

 Then we met with everyone (about 25 persons) in front of the cathedrale. I did not do any drawing of this huge thing but next time, I promise, I will try! Instead, I went to a little staircase and draw this on the other side of the river (La Sarine):

After that, I met again with others in the café du Belvédère, a very cool student place. I loved that atmosphere and the sight is just amazing. I understand the name they gave this place when you have so much to see all around. I would say it is one of the best place to exercice perspective. Here you go:


At the end of the afternoon, was time for the last meeting point on the place du Petit Saint Jean, way down under in the city. In the middle of the place were a lot of tables and benches where everyone sat and draw. The houses all around are beautiful little architecture treasures. I tried one but did not come to finish it: the train way up the city would not wait for me. Though, I took a photo and if it rains tomorrow (which will probably be the case) I will finish it and post it here.

That would be the original house I wanted to do:
Looking forward to your comments!

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