Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013

Peeks of the week / Images de la semaine

 After the rain is the best time to go out and see things. And that what I did on this rainy afternoon, as soon as the rain stopped and little sun drops came out from behind the clouds. Up and down I saw the sky...

Après la pluie, c'est le meilleur moment pour sortir et voir des "choses". Et c'est ce que j'ai fait en cet après-midi pluvieux, dès que la pluie s'est arrêtée et que quelques gouttes de soleil se sont glissées de derrière les nuages. Le ciel d'en haut et d'en bas, j'ai vu...

Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013

Here it is / Le voilà

It did rain today so I had to hold to my promise and finish this drawing. I find it completed so. I will probably try to make a watercolor out of it but on a new stronger sheet of paper. I like this pencil drawing as it is and will not keep on working on it.  

Il a vraiment plu aujourd'hui ce qui fait que j'ai dû tenir ma promesse et terminer ce dessin. Je le trouve ainsi fini. J'en ferai probablement une aquarelle mais sur une autre feuille plus épaisse. J'aime bien ce dessin au crayon tel qu'il est et ne vais pas plus le développer.

Peeks of the week / Images de la semaine

 Did you ever heard of the three musketeers? Well I think I found them reincarnated when I walked with my dog on this last friday afternoon. The one on the right side would be Aramis, the next Athos, the fat third one Porthos and a little behind d'Artagnan. 
What do YOU think?
Avez-vous jamais entendu parler des trois mousquetaires? Et bien je crois que j'ai trouver leur réincarnation lors de ma promenade de vendredi après-midi avec mon chien. Celui tout à droite serait Aramis, le suivant Athos, le troisième gros Porthos et anfin le petit derrière d'Artagnan.
Qu'en pensez-VOUS?

I did not do many pictures this week, and the best one I did was just a snapshot with the phone yesterday in Fribourg.
In a little street across the cathedral is this litlle tower, more like a stairecase. And above it all, a little "balcony-garden". We do not see a lot but the palmtrees above everything can let you imagine what this peaceful oasis could look like!

Je n'ai pas fait beaucoup de photos cette semaine et la meilleure est juste un instantané avec le téléphone hier à Fribourg.
Dans une petite rue en face de la cathédrale, il y a cette petite tour, probablement un escalier. Et au-dessus, un petit balcon-jardin. On ne voit pas grand chose mais les palmiers surplombant le tout laissent imaginer une petite oasis paisible.

Samstag, 19. Oktober 2013

41th international sketchcrawl in Switzerland

 Today was the 41th Sketchcrawl. In little Switzerland, we met in Fribourg a beautiful town. It is the town where to learn to draw perspectives!
I started the day in Langenthal with a little person drawing, the thing I most hate. But how to progress when you do not do a little of everything?
That would be the one here :

 Then we met with everyone (about 25 persons) in front of the cathedrale. I did not do any drawing of this huge thing but next time, I promise, I will try! Instead, I went to a little staircase and draw this on the other side of the river (La Sarine):

After that, I met again with others in the café du Belvédère, a very cool student place. I loved that atmosphere and the sight is just amazing. I understand the name they gave this place when you have so much to see all around. I would say it is one of the best place to exercice perspective. Here you go:


At the end of the afternoon, was time for the last meeting point on the place du Petit Saint Jean, way down under in the city. In the middle of the place were a lot of tables and benches where everyone sat and draw. The houses all around are beautiful little architecture treasures. I tried one but did not come to finish it: the train way up the city would not wait for me. Though, I took a photo and if it rains tomorrow (which will probably be the case) I will finish it and post it here.

That would be the original house I wanted to do:
Looking forward to your comments!

Samstag, 12. Oktober 2013

Peeks of the week / Images de la semaine

 I decided that, maybe, I will start writing something on the pics I share with you. As you may see, autumn has arrived and we still have six months to go before spring... I am about to cry! I am already cold and it's bare less than 10°C. :-(

The only cheerful things in autumn are the colors. They are rich and powerful and give something wonderful to enjoy. Unfortunately, the temperatures are sinking as fast as a stone thrown in my bathtub…

You certainly noticed that I love Nature. These pictures are the reflection of my rambling in my village. I do two sorts of rambling: the one you could also name “walking” or “hiking” and the other one, is what I am now doing (of speech or writing: lacking a coherent plan; diffuse and disconnected ;-)).

Last but not least (for today): 
Hope you enjoy my autumn. What about yours?

Yours in harmony,
P.S.: Please “excuse my English”… I am French speaking!